Fix problems that stop prospects from turning into customers, one experiment at a time.

Shipping one small experiment after another for a period – when and only when you understand what your experiments are all about – is the best way to achieve long-term results.

Onboarding retainer gives SaaS companies that have an understanding of why, when, or how people become trialists, customers, or ex-customers a way to turn those learnings and hypotheses into marketing assets and experiments.

Retainer is an ongoing 6-month minimum engagement where Hypothesis Department joins your team to support thinking through and developing customer-led growth experiments.

Our projects to create high-performing onboarding experiences may include:

  • Thinking through the challenges, outcomes, data, and goals for each component of your new customer onboarding process
  • Plotting and writing a new onboarding email sequence for one or many customer segments
  • Designing and executing a JTBD research study
  • Wireframing in-app experiences for new users
  • Writing copy for one or a few web pages that are key to showing your prospects why they should hire your product
  • Defining segmentation and personalization strategies to deliver the right onboarding experience to the right reader at the right time
  • Writing a direct mail campaign to send out in the post to your key targets
  • Opportunities where we be able to improve your in-app onboarding experience
  • Gaps in our understanding we understand how to fix
  • Email sequences (or individual emails) that we might send
  • Segments or personalization strategies we might try
  • Strong confidence that we will be able to build, ship, and evaluate the assets we build and experiments we run

In all but a few very rare cases, Retainer is available only to clients who have completed an audit or research study. Which is to say: it’s the step we take together when we determine we are ready to move on from understanding which problem we want to solve to beginning to solve it.

This understanding happens as a result of a Mystery Shopper Audit, Find Out Why Research Study. Not only do these steps set the strategic course for our future work, but they also give us an opportunity to understand and address operational blockers.

Before we begin our ongoing work together, we’ll confirm that your team has:

  • A person (or multiple people) equipped to implement the email campaigns we produce. Your configuration is unique, you know it best, and my expertise is in strategy and messaging more than implementation of the messaging.
  • A person (or multiple people) equipped to create hi-fi designs and develop in-app experiences. My product design expertise is in the area of “How do we help people get what they want and/or need quickly” and not “How do we make this work and look not terrible.”
  • Become comfortable with the conversion copywriting process. Often people new to these bring assumptions about how they work from their own experience with words in hundreds of other mediums, and sometimes those assumptions are difficult to shed.

And by “together” I truly do mean together.

I bring user research, research ops, conversion copywriting, and UX copywriting to your team. You bring specialists in complementary areas like dev, design, and marketing automation.

Start with a Find Out Why research study or SaaS Mystery Shopper CX audit.