What's next?

Simple question. Really hard to answer.

And sooner or later, every SaaS leader bumps into it in one way or another:

  • What should you build next?
  • Who should you build for next?
  • What does the future look like in your industry for the next 1, 2, or 5 years?
  • Who should you hire next?
  • How do you weigh the cost of staying the course against charting a new one?
  • How do you turn what you know about your customers and what you know about your business into a strategy you can execute on (and one that feels right for your vision and goals)?
  • How does your organization get better at unearthing the next big thing over and over and over again?

I help SaaS companies use insights to drive strategy.

I ask hard questions to push your plans to their breaking points before you discover them the hard way.

And if you're contemplating changing course, I help you weigh your options and manage your vision.

If you're a SaaS Founder, CEO, or leader wondering what's next for you and your team, let's find out together.

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